Use Cases

Financial Services providers (Banks, merchants, government offices, businesses) are looking for payment platforms that enables them to build inclusive service offerings in commercially viable and real-time model, MonieWire provides the platform for such aspirations.

The following Use Cases are a tiny sampling of businesses and ways that MonieWire are being used.  

Financial Institutions

MonieWire is suitable for banks, Microfinance Institutions, and Credit Unions to transform their customers’ payment experience. Customers now have more convenient payment options for instant payments and utility bill settlement, such as, buying airtime and paying electricity bills from their bank accounts, and more. Billers and merchants can now receive prompt payments for services rendered to customers. FI can easily onboard billers and merchants on their platform to provide more value-added services and enhance customer convenience.

Government Agencies

Government Agencies can use MonieWire to implement and speed up deployment of national payments system towards financial inclusion drives; promptly pay Staff and workers’ salaries

Customers and Businesses

Customers and Businesses now have the facility to promptly setup recurring payments and perform bulk payments enabling. Business can perform bulk payment to staff and contractors using different banks and financial institutions. Customers can make utility bill payments, make purchases, and transfer money instantly from their account to other beneficiaries, irrespective of the financial institution of the beneficiaries, using convenient channel - mobile devices, USSD and web.