Our Top Features

Simple user friendly interface and easy onboarding feature

Simple user interface that offers responsive user experience on all devices. Also, it has functionality for onboarding customers, billers and merchants.

Built with state-of-the-art security functionalities

Suitable for financial transactions with end-to-end encryption, 2-Step authentication verification via PIN & OTP and high-security module.

Built-In Mobile Wallet functionality

Enables instant payment and transfers from wallet to wallet and to bank accounts.

Support for payment notification & enquiry

It comes with messaging capacities for inquiries and feedback requests, such as balance inquiry, account statement report provision and prompt e-receipt notification via SMS.

Multiplatform support

Supports mobile devices such as USSD, Mobile Apps, and Web.

Card management system

Facility for issuing or acquiring any payment instrument – Debit Card, Credit Card, Loyalty or Gift Card, Store-value Card, Health Card, Virtual Cards, Wallet system.


Multiple currencies with exchange rate based on individual countries approved rate, Time zones and localisation.

Seamless processing & utility bill payment facility

payment between member banks together with reversal functionality. Also, easy provisioning for customers utility bills payments, such as electricity, water and more.

Multi-tenant functionality

It uses innovative technologies that support various cloud services enabling numerous banks to easily plugin and interconnect.

Analytics and Financial Reporting

Realtime key subscription metrics, dashboards, and comprehensive reporting facility.