5 Key Features Your Clients Want in your Payment Processing Software

The business landscape is constantly evolving, and so are the expectations of stakeholders in payments ecosystems across the world. The power of integrated payments is being felt by Merchants as it is increasingly meeting their business needs. However, having a payment solution that can support the business is not enough. What is required is a holistic payment solution that will improve the business, making it stand out amongst competitors.  Such a payment solution enables merchants to offer superior experiences to customers, which gives them credence to continue using the services.

Here are five things your clients want in their payment processing software:

  1. Simple integration process: Merchants may face a time consuming and complicated payment processing integration which should not be the case. With the right company, JETHRO, and the right payment solution, Moniewire, financial institutions can offer a fast and easy API and integration, which provides a simple integration process for their merchants.
  2. Quick Onboarding Process: Merchants wants the onboarding process to be quick and simple, which will have a positive impact on revenue, client retention and referrals to other clients. MonieWire payment processing solution offers your merchants a quick and fast onboarding process.
  3. Adaptability:  Merchants want to offer a frictionless payment experience to their customers by supporting many payment options. MonieWire offers payment processing functionality for a wide variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and more. You can offer your merchants payment software that includes the functionality to accept various payment methods, such as digital wallets, and even QR code payments.
  4. Payment Security: Merchants want payment security to help prevent fraudulent activities that will boost the confidence of their customers. Moniewire has in-built multi-layer security mechanisms to ensure transaction security, such as end-to-end-encryption, multi-factor authentication verification, identity management and more.
  5. Customization:  Merchants usually want customization of the payment solution, which often requires the engagement of a specialized skilled team. JETHRO can offer dedicated software engineers skilled in developments, UI/UX, training and much more, to realize the customization plan.

About Moniewire and JETHRO

MonieWire offers a comprehensive platform for financial institutions and merchants to manage their customer transactions, by facilitating interbank instant payments, including online purchases and utility bill settlements, allowing member banks and utility companies to service the payment needs of customers and businesses via convenient platforms, such as USSD, mobile and web, and more. MonieWire is a product available from JETHRO, the software solution provider and core banking system integration Fintech Company. For more information about MonieWire, Contact us now!

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